With spring (hopefully) just around the corner we need to address our skincare. With the warmer weather, our skin generally requires less nourishment from our skincare. In this post I will highlight those changes and give you an idea of how to switch up your products in preparation for those warmer days ahead.

spring skin

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As the seasons change, we tend to switch out our wardrobes for lighter clothing, opting for light layers on those cooler evenings instead of thick bulky knit.

We swap to spring toned hair colours, lighter tones in makeup, softer nail colours and shorter sleeves but in all the festivities of preparing our personal styling and homes for the warmer weather we sometimes neglect to transition the most important thing…..our skin.

The harsh winter elements can leave our skin feeling tight, dry and looking dull but with spring hot on our heels, it’s time to unlock your beautiful glowing and hydrated complexions.


It’s the time of year for a spring clean! After months of hibernating in our cosy homes we begin decluttering after the winter period. Your skincare is no different. Start with re-organising your bathroom shelves and cupboards, switching up your products in preparation for that season change.

It’s the perfect time to go through and check your products.

Expiry dates –

Yes products DO expire. Give them a good clean and anything you no longer use or is out of date…discard it. Take a good look and have a sniff. Has anything changed in scent, appearance or texture. If so, this means it will probably do more harm than good so toss it out!

If you are a bit of a hoarder (no judgement, we all do it at times) consider swapping with a friend. Anything you no longer use or haven’t opened, see if you can donate it to friends or family. Some charities take unopened products or those that are only lightly used.  So do check around and donate for those less fortunate. Believe me, you DO NOT need those 14 eye creams.


Change your cleanser.

Opt for water based or gel cleansers in spring/summer rather than creamy, buttery formulas.

Swap out your moisturiser.

Try reaching for a lotion moisturiser. They contain more water so are less dense in formula meaning they will be lighter and absorb quicker. The skin is less likely to need those rich creams during warmer months unless your skin type is dry of course.

Reach for body lotion.

Instead of grabbing that go-to body butter, oil or cream, try using a lightweight body lotion during the spring months. Still hydrating but less greasy.

Don’t forget your SPF!!

Sun protection should be used on the face all year round but remember to fully apply your spf on face and body every day. Take a light spf spray to top up throughout the day. They are less likely to affect makeup and are usually in a handy travel size so easy to carry in your bag.


The warmer weather (when it finally arrives!) means time to switch to  lighter formulas in your face and body care. Thicker creams in hot weather tend to cause congestion. This is due to the skin producing sebum naturally and the heavy cream clogging pores. This can lead to blemishes, breakouts and an over shiny complexion.  You can still keep your skin hydrated by swapping to a lighter lotion or gel based product throughout spring and summer.

Now is the time to get on that minimal makeup trend. Ditch the full cover foundations in favour of tinted moisturisers or BB creams.


SPF (sun protection factor) is an essential step throughout the year, not just for Summer! This should be incorporated into your routine every day and be the last step of your skincare routine before applying makeup. Sun protection in your face cream or makeup is NOT enough alone. For a start, there only tends to be UVB (burning) protection in makeup and skincare with no UVA (ageing) protection. Opt for a dedicated sun protection instead that is broad spectrum and contains both.

It is recommended that a 1/3 teaspoon is used for the face. I work out that two finger lengths from base to tip (think the length of your middle finger and index finger) is perfect to apply over the entire face, ears and down the neck. More will be needed to apply over the décolleté area. Wear SPF religiously every day – you will thank me when you’re older!

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One of the biggest skin complaints is dry skin. Now the weather is about to heat up you may be less worried about moisturising, don’t slack now.

Using a good moisturiser even if your skin doesn’t feel dry, helps to protect the skin and prevent it from drying out and becoming irritated. Oily skins can also benefit from hydration so please, don’t scrimp if you have this skin type either. For those with an oilier skin type, opt for lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturisers that will be compatible for your skin.

Whilst cold, wet, winter weather calls for thicker consistency creams, rich balms, butters and oils, the spring and summer months will require light weight lotions, gels and water based creams due to higher humidity levels and increased temperatures.

These light formulas are great because they tend to contain higher water content so they are super light and feel fresh and cooling on the skin. Perfect for those sunny days.


The body needs nourishment too so again try switching from those body butters or creams to lightweight lotions and water based gels or lotion sprays. Apply your body with sun protection too.



Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic

They have great ranges for all skin types and now offer a mix and match option for skincare.

Weleda Skin Food 

They have a great lighter range for spring skin transitioning.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Range 

Her whole range is just delightful.

The Body Shop 

I love the skincare choices in the Body Shop. The SPF are my go to’s which I have linked HERE