It’s the night before your wedding day, you are planning your evening but aren’t sure what you can do to have your skin looking it’s very best and help calm those nerves at the same time. Let me help!

I often get asked by a bride-to-be about what she can do to prepare for her wedding on the eve before, so I thought I would create a blog to help guide you through with a few tips on what to do the night before your big day.

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Not only will a mini facial be a great boost for your skin, but it can also keep those nerves in check by relaxing the mind.

Choose a gentle exfoliator to smooth facial skin and boost its radiance. Follow up with a hydrating sheet mask and take the time to unwind. Make sure it is one you have used before though to ensure no adverse reactions occur; we don’t want a bride with red rashes do we. Then apply your favourite moisturiser to lock in that beautiful, plumping goodness.


I recommend taking 15-20 minutes out before you retire for bed on your wedding eve for a little pampering. Make the most of those roll top baths in your hotel and relax the body with a warm swim in the tub. Use a bubble bath that contains essential oils like Lavender, Patchouli, Neroli or Ylang-Ylang. All are amazing at calming, easing tension and soothing your senses.

Don’t forget the body too, opt for a massage mitt or soft loofah to slough off any dead skin cells. This will leave your body with a fresh, plump appearance ready for your I-do’s. Pumice those feet and fully hydrate your whole body with a rich body cream afterwards.

This is the ideal time to do your last minutes grooming too, so grab your razor but be gentle, shaving bumps and cuts are not ideal for the wedding. Remember to exfoliate BEFORE your shave!


By all means go enjoy your evening with a couple of your favourite cocktails but don’t over do it. There’s nothing worse than being hungover or having a pounding head on your wedding day. Alcohol also dehydrates the skin, a lot! So, save it for the wedding day instead.

Remember to hydrate well with plenty of water the day before. It will help flush your system out and plump the skin from inside meaning you’ll have the perfect complexion on your big day.


Even if you aren’t asleep, laying in bed will help relax the body and calm the mind, so ensure you get plenty of rest on the run up to your wedding day and on wedding eve itself.

No bride every really sleeps well but give yourself the best chance by getting to that bed before 11pm. A well-rested face will need less work than one that is tired.

wedding eve tips

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Extra tips….

Try a calming pillow mist spritzed on to your pillow to help you unwind.

If you are feeling extremely nervous or anxious, you can pick up herbal remedy aids from health stores like Valerian Root. It is great for helping you sleep. It is designed to calm the mind and help you drift off into a restful nights sleep and wake feeling refreshed. It comes in different formulas like liquid drops, tablets and tea’s.

I have linked a few below. Always read labels and seek a GP’s advice if you are already on any medication, are pregnant or breast feeding.

KALMS – These need to be taken for a few weeks before to have the full affect. I have personally tried them and they worked a treat for me.

BEAUTY SLEEP SUPPLEMENT – My favourite from Neal’s Yard. I always have a great nights sleep when I take one of these.

RESCUE REMEDY – Great for calming nerves and easing anxiety which aids sleep.

NIGHTTIME TEA’S – I love a tea with passion flower, camomile or valerian in.

Wedding eve tips