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Sensitive Skin Tips

Getting Started, Know your skin type.

Part FIVE in this series is SENSITIVE SKIN.

This blog will assist you in identifying the causes of sensitive skin and help you to treat it right.  Although, sensitive skin is not really a skin TYPE, it’s more of a CONDITION.  Sensitivity in skin is caused when the sensory nerve endings in the epidermis (top layer of skin) become irritated.  This occurs because your skins natural barrier function is weakened and has broken down due to a ‘trigger’.

As someone who suffers with skin sensitivity, I know only too well how the condition can cause problems on a daily basis.  I have to be extremely careful when picking makeup and skincare products.  Ensuring I check ingredient listings thoroughly to make sure there is nothing in the product that will make me react.

I never know when I wake up what my skin will look like, so I know how you feel if you are a fellow sufferer.  For many years, I didn’t even realise that I had a sensitivity.  It was only after doing some research for a friend, that I came across a great deal of information, this indicated I had a very common problem and that for me was a turning point.

Below I have listed some common signs that indicate towards you having a sensitive skin type. Read more

Living with Rosacea

Rosacea is a subject is very close to my own heart.

As April is rosacea awareness month I wanted to share my story.  As a fellow sufferer of the skin condition, and as someone who is living with rosacea, I know only too well how disruptive it can be to your daily life and confidence.  The key thing I want you to remember is, ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE’!

What is rosacea?

It is a chronic condition, and can persist for a long time and, in any individual, the severity tends to fluctuate. Rosacea tends to affect the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and is characterised by persistent redness caused by dilated blood vessels, small bumps and pus-filled spots like acne. There may also be uncomfortable inflammation of the surface of the eyes and eyelids..

The cause of the condition is not fully understood.  Your genetic makeup, immune system factors, and environmental factors may all play a part. It is these factors that trigger rosacea and cause the blood vessels in the skin of the face to enlarge (dilate). The theory that rosacea is due to bacteria on the skin or in the gut has never been proven. However, antibiotics have proven helpful to treat it in some cases. This is because of their anti-inflammatory effect.

Remember that rosacea is NOT a contagious skin condition.  There has been substantial research on whether it is a hereditary condition, but this theory has yet to be proven and although it does tend to run in some families a genetic link has not been made clear.

There are a variety of triggers that may make the condition worse. These include stress, alcohol, spices, exercise, high/low temperatures and hot drinks.  The skin can be sun sensitive with this condition, so it is imperative to use protection every day.


girl with redness from living with rosacea

I have been a sufferer now for over 4 years.  It started with mild flushing symptoms and led to what I now have today.  I want to help by sharing my experiences of living with the condition to hopefully offer advice and comfort to others, so here is my story.

I first started suffering from what I now suspect was Rosacea when I was in my mid-twenties.  It started with flushing for no reason at all.  All it would take then was a snide comment of ‘look how red you’re going Kay’ or ‘hey beetroot’ to make the situation a whole lot worse.  It would instantly make me flush more and I all I wanted was the earth to open and swallow me.  Don’t get me started on public speaking, it was impossible!  I dreaded being asked to talk in front of a room full of work colleagues or do a presentation.

My journey.

Read more



Getting to know your Skin Type.

So, it’s blog three, this is covering skincare for oily skin.  Oily skin happens when the sebaceous glands make too much sebum.  Sebum is the waxy, oily substance that hydrates and protects the skin.  However, when overproduction of sebum occurs, the skin can become oily, pores get clogged and breakouts can develop.


  • The face is shiny and usually appears greasy later in the day.
  • Makeup doesn’t stay put and seems to “slide” off.
  • The oilier areas of your face have blackheads, pimples or other types of acne.
  • Pores are visible and are enlarged, especially on the nose, chin and forehead.

Products that you can use to help combat this overproduction –

                    Use my skincare tips for oily skins here to help deal with excess oil and                                 get back your glowing skin- minus the oil slick.


Use a water-based cleanser.  Dirt, excess sebum and impurities can build up and clog the pores overnight, so cleansing is essential for oily skin.  Cleanse morning and evening (use a double cleanse for the evening to first remove makeup and then to deep clean the skin).


This is key for this skin type.  Oily skin is especially prone to dead skin cell build-up, blackheads and clogged pores.  Environmental damage can also cause the surface of the skin to become dull, rough, uneven and can worsen the appearance of fine lines.  To help prevent clogged pores and rough skin, it’s important that you exfoliate regularly (x1-x2 weekly) with a gentle exfoliant.  Chemical exfoliants -such as AHA’s and BHA- are great to boost cell turnover to help lighten dark spots and add radiance to dull-looking skin, whilst physical exfoliants help to refine skin texture.


Toners for oily skin will essentially do the same thing as toners for dry skin.  They should get rid of residual dirt and makeup, close pores and prepare the skin for moisturiser.  A good toner designed for oily skin will address oiliness and shine on the skin, without drying out the skin.  Look out for a toner that refines the skin’s texture and minimises the look of pores, while at the same time maintains the moisture balance of the skin.

Target treatments-

Try targeted treatments for oily skin too.  Serums/essences/facial oils.  Use this step to tackle whatever skin concerns you have in a targeted way.  If it feels like your skin needs hydration use a hydrating serum or facial oil.  If you feel you need something to tackle fine lines, then use a serum designed for ageing skin.  My advice is to stick to watery, lightweight treatments like gels, that absorbs easily into the skin and don’t leave a residue.  Note: – Facial oils designed for oily skin, CAN help by counteracting sebum production and effectively correcting overproduction.


yes oily skin needs hydration too!  Stick to emulsions or gel-type moisturisers.  Richer creams are more likely to clog your pores and make the skin look shinier.  If you have sensitive or irritated skin, look for moisturisers with calming and soothing properties to alleviate irritations.


I have the perfect facial designed specifically for oily skin  You can check out my services here.


SKIN CARE TIPS – Getting Started, know your skin type.

I bring you Blog Two in this skincare series and this covers skincare tips for COMBINATION SKIN.  To put it simply, this skin type is a mixture of oily and normal or drier areas on the face.  Generally, the T-Zone tends to be oily and the cheeks are dry.  When you have combination skin, you tend to be in constant battle with your T-Zone.  You may find especially it hard to keep makeup from sliding off your face in those areas.

How do I identify combination skin?

I have listed some of the classic signs of combination skin for you.  Over the years I have found more people have combination skin like this than any other skin type.

skincare tips for combination skin


  • Normal or Dry, flaking areas on cheeks
  • Excessive oil on nose, forehead and chin
  • Prone to breakouts where oil production is found
  • In a constant battle with the T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin)

Choosing products for this skin type.

The big secret here is to spot treat your problem areas. Read more

Makeup Artist Wood Norton Hotel


Stunning Bride Holly. Wood Norton Hotel Weddings

Wedding day makeup at the Wood Norton Hotel

If you are looking for a professional makeup artist for your wedding at the Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham, you are in just the right place. Firstly, you could not have chosen a more beautiful venue for your big day because the hotel and grounds are sublime.  And the food- wow!

My perspective as a makeup artist is just as good.  All of the bridal preparation suites are generously proportioned and easy to work in and they are well lit and have plenty of natural daylight that is a must for makeup application.  The views throughout the hotel are sublime, you cannot help but envelope in luxury.

Personally, I have had a long association with this fantastic wedding venue and I am very proud to be one of their preferred suppliers.  I love working at this spectacular wedding venue, my hubby and I also chose to get married here in 2018 and so I know the team there very well.  You are in very safe hands!


wedding party at the Wood Norton Hotel

Holly and her Bridal Party on her wedding day. The Wood Norton Hotel, Evesham.



I am happy to meet you for a free pre-wedding makeup consultation.  I love these meetings as I get to know my brides and hear all about their plans.  On most occasions I am able to fit the consultation in around the meeting with your wedding planner at the venue.


The brides trial makeup session is held at my comfortable home studio just 20 minutes away from the Wood Norton. I recommend holding the trial session at least 6 to 8 weeks prior to your big day. Mother of the bride/groom and Bridesmaids trials can also be arranged but are not usually necessary.

My bridal packages cater for bridal parties of up to 6.  Of course I am able to quote for larger parties when required.  If you have any questions at all about professional wedding makeup and whether it’s for you, do please contact me so I can answer any questions you have.

If you have already chosen to get married at the Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham, CONGRATULATIONS!  Should you looking for your professional makeup artist I do hope that you will contact me.

I  look forward to speaking to you soon.

Winter Skin Survival


The last week has really taken its toll on my face. The freezing temperatures & central heating has wreaked havoc with my skin.  In turn causing dryness, tightness & giving a lackluster appearance.   I’m pretty sure I’m not alone!

If like me, you’re having skin issues due to the changing temperatures, here are some of my top tips to help combat the winter skin blues & help prepare you for spring, when it finally arrives.


Stay hydrated~

Water is essential for keeping your body in good working order. I know only too well that it’s hard to drink cool drinks on colder days.  It can leave you reaching for caffeine filled coffee/tea or that lush hot chocolate instead.

However, you’re only adding to your woes.  Caffeine is very dehydrating, so I opt for a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon or lime or herbal tea.  It’s refreshing, can aid in digestion & still gives you the essential hydration that you need. It’s also a lot easier to drink when is sub-zero outside.



Swapping your usual moisturiser to a richer formula in the winter is a great way to combat dryness. Go for thicker creamy oil-based moisturisers instead of water-based lotions.  It will be a god send for winter skin.  Adding a facial oil to your routine is also a good idea.

Why a facial Oil?~

Oils penetrate deeper into the skin layers effectively locking moisture in.  They help keep harmful toxins & pollutants out.  Oils will also help act as a primer.  They do this by smoothing out the surface of the skin.  In turn minimising fine lines & wrinkles & helping to plump the skin.

Look for facial oils that contain Moringa oil (used by the Egyptians), Rose-hip or Frankincense.  The all aid in the ageing process. By adding a couple of drops to your everyday moisturiser, you can really give your skin that much-needed moisture boost it needs.

I love my Neal’s Yard Remedies re-hydrating rose facial oil.  Kiehls & the body shop also do a fantastic selection.

An essential time to add oil to your routine is overnight so whilst you sleep & your skin does its usual repair & regeneration process & will gain all the benefits from your facial oil.

Don’t forget the body!

Why not opt for rich body butters or body oils to help keep the skin hydrated all over.  The Body Shop does a huge range.  My favourite is the moringa, it smells divine!

Lips need TLC Too~

My lips also suffer chapping so I use a lip scrub to sluff away the dead dry skin.  My favourite lip scrub is the bubblegum scrub from lush.  I then apply a rich vitamin enriched lip balm.  Be sure to avoid petroleum-based products because they will only dry the skin further.  Instead try rosehip oil, shea or coconut butter or beeswax.

Try not to lick your lips continuously.  Saliva contains acids that help break down food in the chewing process & can irritate & dry out the skin if in continuous contact with it.

Extra steps~

Add an extra treatment into your weekly routine. Whilst we are in the colder months it is very beneficial to treat your skin to a weekly scrub & mask. Pick an evening or morning that you can take 5-10 minutes out & give yourself a mini home facial. Not only is good for the skin but it’s great for the mind too. It’s amazing what taking 5 minutes out from life can do!

Give yourself a treat~

A good scrub with creamy textured exfoliator is perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells & those pesky dry, flaky areas caused by the wind chill. Exfoliating can also help boost your circulation, eliminate pore blockages & help the skins cell regeneration speed up (it does get more sluggish in winter due to the lack of vitamin D that we get from the sun’s rays).

Once you’ve scrubbed finish with a hydrating facial mask. This will smooth out the surface, replenish moisture, cool & calm the skin. This is the time to sit with a book, have a coffee break or simply sit quiet & reflect on your day. Relaxing for the mind, body & soul! Done before bed, it can improve your sleep too.


Results really do speak for themselves~

Here’s a little snippet of my usual weekly routine- YOU can see the difference from the first picture to the last.


Picture 1~

As you can see in the first picture, I came home from work with dull, lifeless skin. The weather really upsets my rosacea so I end up with uneven tones & red areas.  My lips are also dry & chapped.

Picture 2~

In this second picture, I have come out of the shower after cleansing & toning the skin & using a moisturising facial scrub whilst in the shower.  The difference is already noticeable.  My skin is more even, brighter & has a flush to it thanks to the scrub stimulating the blood vessels.  This, in turn, will allow the regeneration of skin cells by upping the blood flow to the skin.

Picture 3~

This is after An anti-oxidant facial mask & moisturising with a few drops of oil followed by a rich moisturiser.

Look at the difference from the start!

The facial mask has helped to take down the redness & the mask has sluffed off those pesky dead skin cells that were giving me the dullness & the intensive moisture boost has given my parched skin what it needs to repair itself.

With these few tips, your skin should stay bright and healthy throughout the cold spell and you should be able to enjoy the snow and frost without sacrificing your skin.


Please do get in touch with any questions or if you need any advice.  Why not book in for a hydrating or soothing facial and treat yourself.


Kay signature


Worcestershire Weddings

Worcestershire weddings are ever popular and with some great venues to choose from you can see why.  The Manor Arms is no exception to this.  When you pull up into this idyllic village, the welcoming feel you get is wonderful.  With the Inn at the helm, it oozes rustic charm and character.

Back at the beginning of April, I had the pleasure of working on a styled bridal shoot.  The location was beautiful and the venue was perfect for what we had in mind.   Jane of Tulle and Blue styled coordinated the shoot.  Nellie Photography who’s beautiful wedding portraiture captures the romance in every wedding day was our photographer.

The venue~

The Inn is situated on The Worcestershire Way & is set in the Old Square of Abberley.  Dating back to the 17th century this venue boasts stunning views of the rolling countryside & is very much the heart of the local community & an ideal meeting place for the residents.

After a fabulous refurbishment back in 2013, the Inn is now registered to hold civil ceremonies & is the perfect location to host an intimate wedding celebration.  With the choice of a beautiful purpose-built gazebo or beautifully decorated interior, this venue is the perfect place to say, ‘I do’.

Styled shoot~

The styled shoot was coordinated by the lovely Jane Goldman & was a great success.  I worked alongside some fantastic local suppliers.  Together we created a romantic, spring-themed shoot.  We based our theme on Pantone’s colour of the year 2018- Ultraviolet.

We all had our own input into creating the final images, with the hope to inspire future brides-to-be & help them plan their own wedding days to perfection.

It’s lovely to be able to collaborate on these styled shoots.  Together we always managed to come up with something magical.


After creating my mood boards, I finally settled on the subtler notes of lilac & rose with hints of silver.  We had the lovely Octavia as our model and she has the most glorious porcelain skin, freckles & red curls.  Both of my looks worked beautifully on her.

The first of which was a classic, naturally vintage look which was perfectly in keeping with the gown chosen.  The second look saw a deeper shade of violet with added sparkle for effect & had a more glamorous feel.

We decided to use a second model, Octavia’s sister who we roped in at the last minute- to create another twist on the natural look, this time keeping everything light, dewy & neutral.

Lucky weather~

The day stayed dry until late afternoon, so we were able to capture some fantastic outdoor shots & we were even blessed with a little spring sunshine before the heavens opened.  With a Worcestershire wedding you have to plan for the rain but it can make your day so atmospheric.  The grey, moody sky against the rolling green hills is a backdrop that cannot be ignored.

The experience was great & we all had such fun collaborating.  Working alongside such talent is one of the many reasons I love my job.  I get the opportunity to meet so many amazing people who love the industry just as much as I do.

I can’t wait until the next time we can all work together to create magic once more.

I’d like to personally thank each & every one of you-

*Janet at The Manor Arms Inn & her beautiful daughters for allowing us to take over the Inn & modelling for us.

*Jane at Tulle & Blue for approaching me with her vision & making it happen, her bespoke      accessories & stationary in out of this world.

*Sarah Palmer of Nellie Photography for capturing the most mesmerising images for us.

*Sarah of Venue Styling & Flowers by Floyd for dressing the room & outdoor areas so beautifully.

*Jane at Longbarn Flowers for the spectacular florals.

*Sian of Cakes by Sian for the dreamily decorated cake.

*Julie at Gatehouse Brides for the beautifully selected gowns & shoes.

*Claire Hateley of Hairstylist Worcester for creating such stunning hair styles.

What a team we were!



Airbrush Makeup Worcestershire

If you are looking for professional Wedding day or special occasion Airbrush Makeup in Worcestershire, you have come to the right place. I very often get asked by clients what the difference is between traditional application make-up & airbrush application make-up.  There’s quite a vast difference between the two and here I will explain and explore those differences & compare the two, hopefully allowing you to come to a decision on which is best for you. I am always happy to offer further advice when we meet.

Bearing in mind that either choice is down to personal preference & a good makeup artist should be able to apply either & ensure that it lasts the day/night & looks great.

Let’s start with the Traditional Makeup.  

Usually applied with fingers, brushes or sponges & coming in many different forms from liquid to powder, creams to gels it’s very versatile.

Traditional make-up products can be used for anyone & are readily available.


*easy to find a product that is suitable to your skin type, tone & colour.

*offers good coverage.

*products are readily available for purchase & easy to reproduce the look at home yourself.

*easy to touch up.

*easy application.

*not as expensive as airbrush.


*more difficult to conceal scars, pigmentation & pimples.

*can feel heavy  & cakey on the skin.

*will require more touch-ups throughout the day.

*more unhygienic due to the use of tools requiring regular sanitising & deep cleaning.  Also, dirt from hands can cause a build-up of bacteria that can clog pores that lead to spots & pimples.

(This said, a pro artist will use disposables & keep all tools & equipment sanitary & ensure that all products are thoroughly sanitised in between clients).

Airbrush Make-up. 

Airbrush foundations are usually water or silicone based. It is thinner than traditional makeup so it can be passed easily through an airbrush gun.  Due to its thin nature, it is sprayed out as a fine mist that can be built up to the desired coverage.  It smooths out imperfections easily with minimal product creating a flawless looking finish whilst still allowing the skin to breathe.

Airbrush make-up doesn’t soak into the skin, instead, it sits on the surface making a great long lasting base to any look.


*lightweight formula with full coverage.

*looks flawless in person & photographs amazingly.

*natural looking.

*water resistant & sweatproof.

*doesn’t transfer once dry (won’t come off onto clothing with hugs)

*suitable for all skin types.

*hygienic does to not coming into contact with face or hands.

*fabulous longevity (12-16 hours).

*no need for touch-ups.

*minimal product used.

*allows the skin to breathe.


*can be flaky on dry skin if not hydrated properly.

*difficult to reblend.  If you do rub & the makeup moves it can be more difficult to reapply.  However, if it’s applied correctly & allowed to dry properly this shouldn’t be an issue.

*more expensive.  The price tag is higher compared to traditional products.  Due to the nature of the product & the purchase of the correct equipment & the training courses that are involved, most artists will charge more for airbrush applications.

*more difficult to remove.  Silicone airbrush products need to be removed with an oil-based cleanser & then the skin cleaned thoroughly again afterwards.

So what are your thoughts now?  Hopefully, this has answered a few of your questions.

I personally love airbrush make-up because it evens out the skin tone so well & lasts really well.  I do however love traditional application just as much.  It boils down to personal preference & after all what suits one, may not suit another.

As your makeup artist, I will want to know and listen carefully to discover what your usual routine is, check out your skin & then make a judgement call.  As with all make-up, there’s no right or wrong & as long as you feel comfortable & look a million dollars it doesn’t matter which you prefer.

If you have any comments or would like to ask any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Happy Makeupping!